4-Holder Q-Clip Cue Holder New!
Now available! This Q-Clip model has the same light weight durability as the original models, but can hold four cue sticks. Perfect for team players!

3-Holder Q-Clip Cue Holder This Q-Clip model holds three cue sticks- your breaker, your shooter and your jump stick. Safely hold all your cue sticks with one reliable cue holder.

2-Holder Q-Clip Cue Holder This Q-Clip model holds two cue sticks and is small enough to fit in your pocket. It weighs less than an ounce! This cue holder gives you the security you need for your breaker and shooter without the bulky weight.

The Q-Clip Cue Holder works with either a low table or a high table. This pool cue holder works with a table or bar up to 2 inches thick. Unlike other cue stick holders, this cue holder has no screws or bolts and will not harm your bar or table. This cue holder is flexible enough that you can use it anywhere.

The Q-Clip Cue Holder conveniently clips onto the strap of your cue case. It also offers a place to hang your cue case. Simply put the strap of your case in the cue holder for a convenient and easy way to hang your case.

The Q-Clip Cue Holder is both flexible and durable. Made of polypropylene, this cue holder will keep its shape for years to come. These materials will not harm or scratch your cue or table, unlike the steel bolts and screws of other holders.

The Q-Clip Cue Holder is the world's finest cue stick holder. This professionally designed cue holder is made of top quality materials.

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Soft-Grip design won't damage tables
  • Durable